One of our most popular posts over the last six months or so has been, "20 Ways To Tell You're Really From Louisiana". Well, thanks to suggestions and comments from our vast group of avid 96.5 KVKI fans, we've come up with ten more!

1) Switching from the heat to the a/c and back to the heat...all in one day!

2) Getting the baby in a king cake is a life accomplishment!

3) You 'suck da heads'!

4) You can pronounce 'Natchitoches'!

5) You on't live in a county, you live in a parish!

6) You're more excited to see the mosquito truck than the ice cream truck!

7) South Louisiana and north Louisiana are two different places!

8) You don't say it's too hot, you say it's too humid!

9) You know how to pronounce 'geaux'!

10) Two words: Tony Chachere!