At one point in our lives, we lived on a 87-acre farm near Lake Bisteneau. As all farmers know, farm work never ends. One hot summer day, my husband and our 10-year-old son were digging post holes for some new fencing. My husband was operating the tractor and my son was manning the post hole digger. Hole after hole, they made their way across the pasture.

It was a typical Louisiana Day: a zillion degrees, high humidity and absolutely no shade. That's when it hit! My husband fell to his knees with full-fledged heat stroke.
Panic set in! What is a 10-year-old kid to do with his father on the ground in the grips of a heat stroke?He helped his dad into the truck and got behind the wheel. With the skills of a professional driver, he drove his dad to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital. Here is this 1o-year-old running into the hospital and getting help for his Dad.

The Emergency Room staff asked how this adult and kid got to the hospital, and my son proudly said "I drove him." You can imagine the reaction. At first dead silence, then amazement. Proof positive that it's never too early to teach a farm kid how to drive.

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