Dorothy Peel celebrated her 111th birthday yesterday and credited her long life to drinking, smoking and never having children.

Dorothy says she has 'enjoyed' drinking for years and smoked for most of her life.

Says Dorothy, 'I drank regularly throughout the day. In the morning I had half a pint of sherry, for lunch a gin and tonic and a small ginger ale with a bit of whisky in the evening. These days I just have a sherry now and again.'

'I decided to pack in smoking when I was 103 because I got bronchitis and the doctor warned me my life could be in danger.'

'They say smoking and drinking isn’t good for you. But I'm living proof that a little of what you fancy does you good. And I think not having had kids has helped. That’s probably why I look and feel so good.'

Dorothy, of the village of Bridlington in England, has lived in a nursing home for the past 13 years. Her doctors describe her health as 'excellent for someone half her age.'