I got a kick out this, then I saw an ad for Scion. "12 Signs That You’ve Actually Grown Up A Little". The funny part is that it is mostly, at least #1 was...

  1. Your ironing skills have evolved from just pulling shirts out of the dryer at the right time:
  2. You keep your stuff organized without someone forcing you to:
  3. You don’t always purchase furniture that arrives in a million, unassembled pieces
  4. You know how to make coffee without needing an appliance
  5. You buy holiday presents for everyone in your family instead of taking credit for something your mom bought:
  6. You get one of these and instead of asking your parents how to get out of it, you show up when you’re supposed to:
  7. Some of your most fun nights involve some delivery and lots of sleeping:
  8. You no longer share your apartment with five other roommates
  9. Your phone is filled with apps that are more about finance instead of fun
  10. You willingly purchase throw pillows. And you get excited about it
  11. You plan your meals ahead of time and enjoy cooking a nice meal for yourself
  12. You’re finally ready to ditch your first car for something made after the year 2000