Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show love and appreciation by recalling memories and laughing with dear old dad. To help you make his day the best, we've found these funny photos.

Whether you're searching for the perfect card or the perfect gift to say "I love you, Dad," you can always take your very own personal memories through photographs and stories and individualize your sentiment to make his day the greatest.

  • 1

    Does This Mustache Make Me Look Sexy?

  • 2

    We Salute You, Dad, The Exterminator

    spider card, etsy.com
  • 3

    The Perfect Gift To Trump Your Sister

    Happy Father's Day from The Eggplant, Flickr
  • 4

    OMG, I Got a Book For Father's Day!

    NeetaLind, Flickr
  • 5

    Dad Gets A Massage While Kid Plays, It's a Win-Win!

    bky_kid, etsy.com
  • 6

    Leaving Dad In The Sun Too Long Makes Him Turn Ninja On Dinner

    techno.donm, Flickr
  • 7

    Show Your Love By Making Dad Your Own Special Card

    hannaritchie26, Flickr
  • 8

    Dad Just Opened The Tie...Thank Goodness He's Already Had The Scotch!

    simplycreativebyjulie, Flickr
  • 9

    Let Dad Act Silly, Because He Can

    chippenziedeutch, Flickr
  • 10

    A Daughter's Heartfelt Thank You Card for Father's Day

    cheekykumquat, Etsy
  • 11

    Don't Feed the Baby Just Before Playtime To Say You Love Him

  • 12

    These Are The Good Times He Will Remember

    lovelihood, Flickr
  • 13

    Even Luke Remembers Father's Day

  • 14

    You Never Know Where To Find Him When Dad Plays Hide-and-Seek

    KidMoxie, Flickr
  • 15

    Evoke Laughter, Photoshop An Old Photo Of You And Dad