OK, I have been Snooki. I've been Farrah and so many other great characters for Halloween. I have decided what I want to be this year.
Thanks to Grace Anne and the gang at Avalon Hair Salon on Youree Drive, we will be getting scary this year.  I've decided I want to look like a vampire...much like Heidi Klum did last year.  You be the judge:

Can these makeup and hair experts make me look anything like this?

Here's me with Tiger when he was a baby.....boy do they have a lot of work to do.

 I thought about going for the Chaz Bono look, but I really don't want to cut my hair that short.  I have told Grace Anne she has carte blanche...she can cut, color, tease, puff....do whatever to my hair.  I just won't go too short.  They will also have an empty palate on my face....I told her bring as much goo as you have!!  It's going to be fun.  Be listening on Monday, October 31st just after 7 to hear the transformation.