The annual list of 'America's 100 Most Trusted People' has been released by Reader's Digest magazine. The survey is based on feedback from over 1,000 random readers. According to the periodical, the list seeks to 'discover which individuals and the ideals they represent have earned our confidence'.

So who is the most trusted person in America today? is it one of our nation's politicians? A religious leader, perhaps? An educator?'s none other than actor Tom Hanks.

And who’s number two on the list? Would you be surprised to learn that it's Tom Hanks’ co-star in last year's 'Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close', Sandra Bullock.

Moving down the list, America's love of Hollywood continues with Denzel Washington coming in at number three and Meryl Streep at number four.

As one national commentator cynically asked, 'Who was surveyed? Hollywood agents?