We are used to jet noise here in Shreveport and Bossier City. But what would you do, if you hear a massive explosion of a bridge?  If you were in Dallas, you would either be excited to watch it or you would be calling 911.

In Marble Falls, the explosion tossed some shrapnel around. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the explosion cut communication lines (cellphone, cable and internet) and even sliced open a sewer line.

Here is a spectator's view of the Marble Falls explosion:.

The mess this explosion caused had the crew and city working on Monday cleaning up up the unexpected messes.

Then on Monday night, Fort Worth saw a second bridge explosion. Thankfully, the collateral damage was much less, but it did scare a few people who weren't expecting it.

“I’m in south Irving,” said Alex Guzman. “Felt it here.”


“I live off 30 and Hulen and felt it,” said Carol Lopez. “Shook the house just enough to notice!”


“I thought someone ran into the back of my house,” said Shellie Guedry of Arlington. “It was loud and the whole house shook, scared my dog.”


Jean Leonard of Hurst said, happened. “We all thought it was an earthquake!”

Supposedly the weather made it conducive for the sound to carry farther than normal. So far that 911 operators in the area being inundated with calls about the sound.

CBS TV in Dallas covered the event: