The frightening headline (and the tragic story) is blazing its way across the internet: 'Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 On First Day of Legalization In Colorado.' The thing is, it's not real.

The fake news story from the satirical website The Daily Currant goes, in part, like this: "Colorado is reconsidering its decision to legalize recreational pot following the deaths of dozens due to marijuana overdoses."

The hoax copy continues: "It's complete chaos here,' says Dr. Jack Shepard, chief of surgery at St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver, 'I've put five college students in body bags since breakfast and more are arriving every minute."

With the dawning of the new year, Colorado became the first state in the USA to legalize the possession of marijuana for personal, recreational use.

So, what's your opinion? Over the top and tasteless, or sharp, on point satire? If you're one who leans toward the latter, read the whole Daily Currant fake story by clicking here!