Every morning this week Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty will have your chance to win tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra at the CenturyLink Center on December 19th! Earlier today it was 5th row seats. It's 4th tomorrow morning, counting down to front row on Friday! Be listening each morning just after 7 for daily details on how you could be our special, up close guest for TSO's amazing Christmas show!

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This morning's winner of a pair of 5th row seats was Kristy Watts of Shreveport. She answered the following three questions about RJW's favorite Yuletide movie, "A Christmas Story":

1) The movie, "A Christmas Story", comes from a collection of short stories by what author / radio personality? JEAN SHEPARD

2) In the movie, the character of "the old man", played by Darren McGavin, loses his beloved Christmas turkey to the neighbor's dogs. Can you name the family that owned them? THE BUMPUS FAMILY

3) What reason did Raphie's Mother give - over and over again - for why he couldn't have a BB gun for Christmas? YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT

Congratulations once again to Kristy and don't forget, 4th row tickets for TSO tomorrow morning with Robert & Erin on 96.5 KVKI.