Moms and Dads, you may not want to share this with you kids, as they may call you out for being wrong. Seems as though all those bad habits Mom told you to avoid, when you were growing up...were actually good for you.

According to medical research, your mother was WRONG about a lot of stuff. Here are five bad habits that it turns out are actually GOOD for you.

  • If you are a nail biter, you may have heard Mom tell you to stop biting your nails. Sure, when you bit your nails, they look atrocious, and the sand an dirt tasted gross, but guess what, the germs under your nails is actually good for you. No kidding, they actually help your immune system fight diseases.(BTW, you may want to let's the kids know about this, but picking and eating your boogers does the same thing.)
  • I am guilty as a dog on this one...and I have trained the kids to do it too...burping. Granted, it is more like roaring belches, regardless, it has been proven that burping protects your body from getting damaged by stomach acid. Those who don't burp and hold it in, risk loosening the muscle that separates your stomach from your esophagus, and that allows stomach acid to splash out and cause heartburn.
  • I am a guy, so I am guilty of this, as well. Passing gas (yes, the kids have been trained and my wife wants to cry because of it.) Believe it or not, passing gas prevents you from having a buildup of gas in your intestines which is known to cause a lot of pain.
  • Let's just say you like to eat Cheetos in can now do so with a clear mind, as eating in bed can help you digest your food better. If you weren't aware, stress prevents your body from digesting food properly, so being horizontal is the best thing for you to do when you eat...O.K...Cheetos may have been a bad example, the orange fingers on the bedspread could cause some stress, in cleaning.
  • It may be one of the grossest things that we do, but spitting has been known to help your breathing. It is verry good to do, when you are exercising. When you exercise, you breathe through your mouth, which causes inflammation in your throat. So spitting helps to clear your breathing passages.