We should all say a little prayer for the kiddos in the Shreveport/Bossier area. It's LEAP and iLEAP testing this week!

Little Johnny and Sally are going to be asking the man upstairs for special guidance this week. Parents are all going to be praying that they get them to bed on time, up on time and through the car line. And who could forget the teachers who will praying for all of the above?

To help make LEAP and iLEAP test week a little easier and ensure no one acts out and causes others to suffer, we've come up with 5 important things that could help your kids do better on the test.

If we missed any, leave your suggestions in the comment section.

  • 1

    Sleep well

    Make sure your little ones are in bed at a decent time so they get plenty of rest!

  • 2

    The Most Important Meal

    Feed your children a good, balanced breakfast before they head off to school.

  • 3

    Caffeine Cut Off

    Make it a rule: No caffeine after 5 p.m.

  • 4


    Have your children do some kind of physical activity after dinner to burn off excess energy before bed.

  • 5


    Of course, a prayer from mom and dad couldn't hurt!