You'll remember a couple of weeks ago, Robert and Erin posted about actor Doug Hutchison marrying Courtney Stodden... a 16 year old.

And, wow! The comments we got about the, uh, marriage made in heaven!

Shelley mentioned, "Uhhhh... No."

Sussanne said, "eewwww!"

Wally commented, "Not buying in to the fact that the story has been told truthfully just yet."

And about 90% were questioning the legality of the whole thing.

Well, you'll be happy to know that the Creepy Couple have finally come forward with an interview on ABC!

Highlights of the interview include: It's perfectly natural, she's never had any surgery, And... Wait for it... They have plans for a reality TV show about their relationship.

I just want to know, what happens when he's like, 80 years old... Vegas odds on her sticking around?