I thought my family had some overlaps. My mom was pregnant with me at the same time my sister was pregnant with her third child. However, our family doesn't come close to that of Patrick Sloane of South Yorkshire, England. His wife, daughter, and granddaughter were pregnant at the same time!

Sloane plans to retire in five years, but he might as well call that a pipe dream. He's got a lot of babies to spoil. Becoming a dad, granddad, and great granddad all with in a few months can knock you back a bit. “When I told friends and work colleagues they were astounded and couldn’t believe it.’

How is this all possible? Well, Sloane's second wife, Joanne is only four years older than his daughter, Odette and Odette's daughter is 18. I'm surprised we don't hear about more families like this considering how many older men end up marrying younger women the second time around.

I bet the birthday parties of the Sloane household are going to be amazing and Sloane will get lots of lovely ties for Father's Day. Check out the photos of the happy family here.