Roy Lester, a lifeguard in Long Island, says he was fired... Not for being out of shape or for falling asleep on the job... But for refusing to wear a Speedo!

He's been a long-time lifeguard at Jones Beach. And, when going through the endurance tests this year, he decided to wear something a little more, uh,  appropriate for his age.

State officials refused to pass him unless he put the Speedo on, and now he's suing for age discrimination.

It seems most of the lifeguards at this particular beach are over the age of 40, and Lester believes the Speedo requirement is meant to push the older folks out.

Best quote ever? "I wore a Speedo when I was in my 20s. But come on. There should be a law prohibiting anyone over the age of 50 from wearing a Speedo."

He goes on, "Speedos are not appropriate for a 61-year-old"

On that, I think we all can agree!!!