A recent survey conducted by a major research organization shows that 62% of Americans say they do their best thinking in the bathroom, or to be more specific, while sitting on the john.

The poll, which interviewed an equal number of men and woman between the ages of 21 and 64, revealed that when it comes to thoughts ranging from the creative to the problematic, more than 6 out of 10 folks do their most important pondering while sitting on the the porcelain throne. In fact, when broken down to topics considered, the questionnaire also showed that about 40% of troubled couples made decisions about the futures of their marriages while - you guessed it - in a seated position.

Here are the breakdowns of the poll, giving precise percentage of the spots and / or activities where the best thinking takes place.

1) Bathroom / on the john 62%

2) Driving 22%

3) Housework (washing dishes, ironing, vacuuming) 10%

4) Exercising 4%

5) Other 2%