As the father of 2 children, I am always amazed that my kids love me the way they do...true faith and trust, like none other. My wife has been telling me for quite some time that our 8-month old daughter loves me. While I know this, i have never been able to tell how I know.  It was always a mystery to me, until my wife sent me a list of the top ways to know.

Stares into your eyes: While babies look at everything, they study you, your face. That is one thing they do a lot of when they are born. Then I learned that babies are "designed to attract love". In the words of neuroscientist, Lise Eliot, they are "Hardwired to love". What I found is that even she is realizing how important you, as her parent is in her life.

Recognizes your smell: I learned this one and confirmed it, my 8 month old daughter would rather smell my sweaty shirt, than flowers or even food.

"Even a 1-week-old will turn his head toward a breast pad soaked with his mother's milk," says Eliot.

To your newborn, nothing smells sweeter than you.

My Daughter smiling me

Smiles at you: Nothing warms my heart more than my kids smiling and babies know this, which is why they smile. It is their way of saying "I love you".  The grin will make you melt.

Talks to you: It sounds like gibberish, but they are talking to you. Goo Goo and GaGa mean something. Normally, they "talk" to you, their caregiver most. The idea is talk back to them in real words, they will talk to you more and more often, when you do.

Wants you around: I learned the the other day. My wife called me and told me that my daughter was yelling "Dada" and crawling from room to room trying to find me. She was not happy that I was at work. My son, when he was at the same age, would get what we call today "the poopy face".  However, all is well with both kids, when I get home. This is a sign of growing attachment. .

Shares your interests: I love to do the laundry and clean. Guess what, my daughter has taken to sitting with me when I put the laundry in the washer and when I am folding. She always loves to sit with me when I am washing the dishes and cooking. So i am hoping she enjoys domestic stuff, as much as I do. (I know, I am weird). Interesting this gets more pronounced at 9 to 12 months.

"It's a sign that your child is engaged with you and values what you're paying attention to," says pediatrician Harvey Karp.

You are a shield: Don't be surprised if your baby buries her head in your chest when someone new appears on the scene. "Stranger anxiety" is a normal phase, and turning to you for protection means your baby loves you and trusts you to keep her safe.