There's nothing like the love that daddies have for their little girls...and Mike Carey is no exception.  

Mike's daughter, McKenzie (12), has mitrochondrial disease. It is a disease that she developed when she was 18 months old, which affects her cells and leaves her with no energy.  She is in a wheelchair, can't speak and needs constant care. But despite all of that, she's been competing in beauty pageants since she was five.

McKenzie's mom, Tammy, started her in pageants to make her happy and to show that she could still do thing that other little girls could do too.  McKenzie has won almost twenty pageants to date.

About five years ago, Tammy was nervous for her daughter to go on stage at a pageant. So her dad, Mike, decided to go on stage with her, picked her up and started dancing with her. She ended up winning the pageant.

Since then people have seen this video on YouTube and have donated over 95 THOUSAND dollars for McKenzie's medical bills.

This goes to show that ANYONE can dance and live life to the fullest.