If you're from Louisiana, you've most likely heard of the Pea Farm...haunted, creepy and just downright scary. But have you ever had the nerve to actually venture inside?

Personally, I don't do the paranormal - haunted houses, scary movies, haunted tours, no thank you! But there's a lot of people of there that live for the next scare. Interestingly enough, there's one right here in our own backyard.

Known as the Pea Farm, this old, abandoned penal colony is off limits to trespassers, but that doesn't mean that thrill-seekers stay away. Rumor has it that this building, built in 1905, was home to prison inmates that were the worst of the worst and became haunted because of the beating and killings of the prisoners.

After closing down in the 1950's, the Pea Farm has been abandoned ever since. Take a look inside  - glad I'm doing that from the comfort of my own home. No scary ghost stuff for me!