It took a while, but the economy has started to improve... And we're all starting to splurge just a little more than we have the last couple of years.

And if you had an extra... oh, say six thousand dollars, there are lots of things you could buy, right? New Furniture, new appliances, a used Kia, a lot of tacos... Or one (1!!!) toilet!

A $6,000 toilet?!?!? Really? Yes, it's real.

Kohler is calling their new "Numi" toilet the ultimate in bathroom luxury. It's hands free, has an FM Radio and MP3 player, heated seat, foot warmer, and a remote control!

Needless to say, Consumer Reports says they can't recommend it because of the steep price tag!  You can see even more pictures HERE.

How about you? Would you ever spend that much on a toilet?