So last night at 7 minutes after 7pm, I got the email, the new Adele had arrived and I was excited...and from the sound of it, I am not the only one. According to ShowBiz411, the song sky-rocketed to #1 in the overnight hours. It may have set the record as the fastest climb to #1 for a song in history. What is also amazing, at $1.29 per download, this song was exclusively sold hard-copies of the song at all.

What does this prove?

  1. People we waiting anxiously for a new Adele song
  2. The power of James Bond, may have just been given some love by a younger audience. (Last pop song to come from a Jame Bond film was "A View To A Kill"
  3. If anyone questions the power of the internet to sell music, this song and it's download is proof positive, it is a force to be dealt with.

If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing the song yet, just close your eye and think "Goldfinger"

For those who wish to compare it to the other James Bond classic: