Tonight is the night we will find out who wins Big Brother.  It's been a crazy season with lots of racist comments and bullying.

The season has also had several showmances -- some fake and some real. I'm addicted to the show and find myself up late at night watching the "After Dark" show on the TV Guide Network. I've lost a lot of sleep over this show, but I'm seriously hooked.

The three finalists, GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy, all really need to win. We already knew that GinaMarie and Spencer have lost their jobs because of insensitive comments they have made in the house. But now we find out Andy will also leave the house only to find out he, too is unemployed.

The three have no idea they've lost their jobs in the real world. Only one of them will win $500,000. The 2nd place finisher gets $50,000 dollars. Third place goes home empty-handed.


GinaMarie Zimmerman has been fired from her job as a pageant coordinator because of her racists comments and use of the N-word.

Spencer Clawson has been fired from his job as a train conductor in Arkansas for praising Hitler and making jokes about child pornography.

Andy Herren was just canned from his job as a public speaking teacher, for not doing anything to stop apparently for supporting all the racism in the house.

Aaryn Gries is already in the jury house, but she doesn't know yet that she has lost her job at a modeling agency.

The West Texas woman made horrible comments throughout the season. She repeatedly made racist comments about African Americans and Asians. When she was evicted Julie Chen asked her about her comments which she blamed on her Texas roots. She has apologized, but that won't help save her job.


As I watch the "BBAD" show I know that Andy and GinaMarie will battle for the final HOH spot and the winner will get to decide who they want to go against tonight. Both are saying they will take the other to the end. That will leave Spencer out in the cold.

But I have heard Andy tell Spencer he will take him to the finals. I really believe GinaMarie will win if she makes it to the end. Their are so many women in the jury and Andy has stabbed so many people in the back. Spencer hasn't won much and he doesn't have many deep relationships with the other contestants.

We'll find out tonight if I'm right.