About ten years ago Erin and I traveled to Dallas to shoot a TV commercial. In the middle of filming, as they were lining up a shot over my shoulder, the director yelled, 'Cut! Cut! We've got glare!' That's how I found out I had a bald spot in the back of my head.

I suppose I shouldn't be too disappointed. I had hair til I was 50 or so, and I've had many, many friends who were almost completely bald before they finished college. And through the years a number of them have searched for a remedy, from toupees to pills to surgery.

But the other night while researching another post, I came across this on YouTube. It's called 'Caboki', the miracle hair 'replacement' from Japan. Caboki's makers claim that its 'miracle magnetic fibers' bind to your thinning hair, giving the appearance of a completely covered pate. At $19.99 is it worth a try? Well, a good toupee can run about $1,000 and the best hair replacement surgery can be as much as 20 grand! So, take a look at the video and decide for yourself...but as a bald guy, it's difficult to resist a product that markets to itself as 'Bieber In a Bottle'!