In a recent survey about four out of ten Americans listed this Sunday - the day we turn back the clocks marking the end of Daylight Savings Time - as one of the most depressing of the year. 42% of those polled said it's the 'reduced daylight' and earlier darkness that makes the day so hard to deal with...and virtually none listed the hour of sleep gained as a reason to like the day.

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Also on the list of 'Most Depressing Days' are the day after Christmas, mentioned by 55% and 'the day I break my New Year's resolution' (25%). Oddly enough, 35% of women listed 'the anniversary of my divorce' as the most depressing day, while the same percentage of men listed it as one of the happiest.

And for those who see this Sunday's early sundown as less than uplifting, fret not! It's only 126 days (or a mere 3024 hours)               until the clocks are changed back again!