Brooklyn (formerly New Jersey) Nets forward DeShawn Stevenson likes the high life. He's also a guy who's not afraid to get in his opponent's face, as seen in his stints with the Washington Wizards and the Dallas Mavericks -- the latter team which he won a NBA Championship with last year. Just ask LeBron James about Stevenson's flashy, in-your-face attitude.

Speaking of flashy, Stevenson recently revealed on his Twitter feed via his Instagram account, that his kitchen might be better than yours. Well, we don't know about the quality of his appliances, but it's safe to say a guy who can afford an in-home ATM machine in his kitchen probably has a ballin' place to eat. So if you ever need quick cash and just so happen to be at Stevenson's house for a get-together, you're in luck. No, we don't know if ATM fees apply.

To say Stevenson has unique taste is an understatement. After all, this is the same guy with more random artwork on his body than a New York art exhibit. He even has a five-dollar bill tattooed on his neck. Maybe his favorite number is five? Maybe he asked for five hundred and they gave him five? Hey, maybe he just likes Abraham Lincoln. To each his own. But you can follow Stevenson and all of his wackiness on Instagram and Twitter @DSteve92.