So earlier today, we reported the story about Bobbi Kristina, making nice-nice with her (un)adopted-brother (?) I know it sounds weird and it is, but according to TMZ, about 9:40am today, Bobbi Kristina was photographed with a "interesting piece of jewelry on her ring finger during her PDA-filled stroll with her "adopted" brother this week". And if you look at it, this thing isn't tiny.

And as we reported earlier...Cissy Houston (Bobbi Kristina's Grandmother) is NOT happy about it. She has even called it "incestuous".


Keep in mind, there are no blood ties between Bobbi and Nick, but Whitney unofficially “adopted” Nick into the family roughly 10 years ago after learning Nick was having problems at home..

Something tells us that Grandma probably won't be at the nuptials....if they do happen.