While my wife and daughter were busy at the nail salon this past weekend I decided to take her car and run it through the car wash instead of sitting there in the salon inhaling all of those chemicals in the nail salon! I hadn't been through full service car wash in a while because I usually wash my vehicles on my own in the driveway, but Saturday was different and I didn't feel like doing it, so off to the car wash I went.

Once there, I remembered why I washed my own car and truck. Anyway, I made a weird observation at this car wash and I can say that I've been guilty of it in the past, but when I sat back and watched this it was pretty entertaining.

What I observed was that people tend to follow their cars through every step of the car wash process. After paying the cashier, their attention was turned to the long seventy or so feet long window. Glaring through the glass, they stood there waiting for a glimpse of their car to turn the corner after being vacuumed. As the guy sprays the front end and eventually the entire car, they watched him put it in neutral and set it on it's way on the automated track. As the car approached the first set of brushes they were right there along its' side. As it moved to the soap dispenser, they were memorized with the suds being dispensed onto their car. After a quick run through the brushes they shuffled to the left to watch their car get covered in the tri-colored wax! I'm not sure what this is, but some cars got it and others didn't and the kids just loved watching the colors shoot out of the tube on to the cars and trucks!

Lucky Larry

Then its through another round of brushes and once again the shuffling thing happened while their car made it to the rinse cycle. The wash job at this point is almost done and these people were nearing the end of their walk along as the only thing remaining was the blowers to dry it and by this point many had lost interest in their car on its automatic journey. The only thing left to do was to sit back and watch the detailing guys polish it off and do the windows.

After observing this, I noticed it was mainly women and children watching their cars as they made their journey though the car wash, but us guys were just as guilty sometimes!