After following the show for nearly three months, my summer TV addiction is over. Andy Herren has won season 15 of Big Brother and takes home $500,000 dollars. Good thing, since we learned this week that he and the rest of the finalists were fired from their jobs.

It's been a wild season for many different reasons, most notably the use of racial slurs and other offensive comments. CBS has been started putting a disclaimer before every episode of Big Brother 15 aired to warn viewers that the comments were not representative of the network. Regardless, the nasty remarks continued.

The three finalists, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson and Andy Herren, brought the season to a fairly boring ending. They had no big feud, and were aligned in "The Exterminators" for several weeks.

Andy and GinaMarie did battle for the final Head of Household, which Andy won. But he decided to take GinaMarie to the finals with him and sent Spencer packing.

Both GinaMarie and Spencer lost their jobs because of insensitive comments they have made in the house. Andy has reportedly also lost his job. However, none of the contestants were aware of this -- not until they get back into the the real world, that is.

There were several 'showmances' (or show romances) in Season 15, but it doesn't seem like any of them will last.

The most intense one, between Amanda and McCrae, will probably crumble quickly, though she continues to profess her love. But what about the GinaMarie-Nick showmance?

In July, Nick Uhas told website zap2it that he had hopes it will work out:

It was a fauxmance that turned into a showmance that turned into me protecting her from herself. My loyalty really rested in the Moving Company, I knew at some point we'd have to say goodbye at the hands of the Moving Company. I didn't want to set her up so emotionally deep that when I cut her, at some point in time, that it would just be pure havoc.

In all honesty, I really did grow very close to her. ... I did. She treated me very well. The feelings were genuine. It took me to get evicted to figure that out. But [GinaMarie is] probably the most genuine, honest person in the house, to me. ... Our first date we're going to a monster truck rally. That's happenin'.


But near the end of August, Nick filed a restraining order against GinaMarie.