Growing up, I used to loath driving for any length of time with certain people in the car with me. They would check my speed, not know which direction to turn or tell me that the direction that I am going is incorrect. Funny enough, it isn't my wife. asked people to name the most annoying backseat drivers . . . and the most annoying things they do.

SPOUSES easily came in first, as the most annoying. Followed by MOTHERS and FRIENDS.

Surprisingly, teenagers and dads were ranked the least annoying.
According to's study, the biggest annoyances include:

  • Comments on driving speed: 47%
  • Gives directions: 29%
  • Talks too much: 19%
  • Pushes imaginary "brake" with foot: 15%
  • Fiddles with radio or CD player: 10%
  • Talks on phone or texts: 7%
  • Sings: 6%
  • Eats: 3%