She made more than 10 million dollars last year showing you how to cook with butter, cream and loads of sugar.  Well now it looks like Celebrity Chef Paula Deen might have to change her recipes.

Several reports indicate that Deen has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  In fact, one report says Deen has worked out a big-money deal with a pharmaceutical company to endorse a diabetes medication called Novartis.  Deen's southern cooking is loaded with butter and many of her recipes are high-fat, deep-fried foods.  We checked out some of the tweets about the big news:

Diabetes Y'all

I call dibs on licking Paula Deen's blood sugar tester.

If even Paula Deen can get diabetes, who among us is sffhmnmnmff? Sorry, I meant to say "safe" but I had a stick of butter in my mouth.

Paula Deen selling Diabetes Drugs is like Courtney Love selling methadone.

It's sad & prayers go up, but WHO is surprised Paula Deen has diabetes? She fries everything in her refrigerator except for the light bulb.

People can be so mean!!