Moms and Dads have been telling us for years, and as parents, we have been passing along how good for us that fruits, veggies and eating cereal with milk is good for us. But now, the whole world just got turned upside down, when you consider that macaroni and cheese is better for us.

Why is it that every thing we know is being proven as untrue? The simple fact is preservatives. They are bad for us and our snack food is saturated with chemicals.

So how much damage could a few cookies and some artificial food coloring actually do? Turns out, quite a bit and kids are consuming more of it than ever before.

The organization Healthy Child broke down exactly how much of our food contains additives and chemicals, how many of our plate-bound farm animals are fed manure and plastic, and explains why the oranges in our orange juice were probably bathed in acid. It doesn't sound too appetizing when you read the graphic below.

By the time you get to the bottom of the infographic and see how many of your favorite childhood foods are linked to cancer.  I will point out this, most foods have been linked to cancer at some point in their research.

I will warn you, when you read this infographic, you will be confused at first, then after the second read-through,  you will never want to eat again