Brian Read is certainly no hot dog eating champion.

Read, a 19-year-old pitcher for the Seacoast Mavericks in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League, had to undergo emergency after competing in a hot dog eating contest during the seventh inning stretch of a game last week.

The object of this contest: To see who could eat one hot dog and bun the fastest without the aid of water.

But Read had a plan! He decided he'd save time if he just skipped chewing. Said Read, 'I just shoved and swallowed. I didn’t chew my food very well. Actually, not at all.'

Immediately after the contest, Read threw up and continued to do so until the next morning. He was also unable to eat or drink.

He decided to go to the hospital, where x-rays revealed something blocking his throat. Doctors discovered a one-and-a-half-inch long piece of frankfurter was trapped between his stomach and esophagus. He underwent emergency surgery to remove the food.

When Read woke up, he enjoyed drinks and ice cream and was back to normal. By the next day, he headed out for lunch with teammates, but made sure to avoid hot dogs – instead, he had a cheeseburger. Which he ate very, very slowly.