What do you do if you get pulled over for speeding by a police officer in Louisiana? You make up an excuse and try to get out of paying it! Here are five of the best and most common things drivers say and do to avoid a ticket.

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    Flirting with the officer

    For some ladies out there, being a little flirty with a police officer is enough to get out of paying a ticket. Problems can arise if the officer is a woman, but this is still a tried-and-true method and one of the most common.

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    "I was in a rush to use the bathroom!"

    Everybody can relate to just really having to go -- even the police. Hey, when nature calls, nature calls! Using this excuse is a long-shot unless you have a legitimate medical excuse. Saying 'I just drank a Big Gulp and am about to burst!' probably won't cut it.

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    When in doubt, cry your eyes out!

    Sometimes a woman just turning on the waterworks will get them out of paying a ticket, but it requires a) the ability to cry on cue (if you're faking it) or b) actual bawling. It's a tough sell because many officers have seen and heard it all, but it can work.

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    Know someone on the force? Have a friend employed at City Hall? Are you the long-lost cousin (twice removed) of Mayor Cedric Glover? Dropping a name could get you out of a ticket, but you also risk angering the officer; this is one excuse that they will see right through no matter how cool you play it.

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    When in doubt, show a little cleavage

    Arguably the oldest, most (ab)used and most successful way to get out of a ticket, this is option no. 1 taken to the next level. This will only be an option if you're working with a little something up top, are wearing a low-cut blouse and have absolutely no shame. But hey, it works!