About a month or so ago, Lady Gaga did the whole "Mermaid in a chair" routine.

Then Bette Midler started a Twitter war, saying she had done the routine first.

Well, now Miss M has suggested that Gaga should buy her clothes... Including the mermaid outfit!

Midler says she will be auctioning off some of her old costumes and outfits. Proceeds will help out the New York Restoration Project.

Middler told the Associated Press, "It was my weight. It was my height. It was the fashion. It was what color my hair was. It was who I was living with, or who I was in love with. It is very, very moving, but it is also time to spin that stuff out into the world."

About the mermaid costume and Gaga she said, "I think she should go for a real wheelchair and a real fishtail because these are really beautiful. They are decorated and hand-beaded!"

Details on the items, and starting prices (!!!) can be found here.