With so many people applying for jobs in this economy, employers are turning to new ways to screen through applicants.

For the last couple of years, doing a Google search on your name was a pretty common "background check."

But now, get ready to turn the Creepy factor up a notch! 

The Federal Trade Commission has given the go-ahead to a new company called Social Intelligence Corporation.

We're all familiar with a credit report, right? Well, Social Intelligence is now offering a "Social Media Report."

Basically, they search social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, and even private blogs. Then, they put together a report and hold onto it for seven years... Just like a credit report!

If you click on the article from Forbes, there are examples of applicants that were denied employment because of a picture on Facebook, and for clicking "Like" on a controversial group.

And, good luck if anyone else has your name or an ex-husband puts up a fake page!

So, next time you're out with friends, at a concert, or ticked off at something, you may want to think twice before posting it to the internet if you're job hunting.