The big finale of "Big Brother" 15 is set for September 18th and that means we only have a couple more weeks of scheming and plotting.

Spencer is nominated against the evil Amanda this week since McCrae used the POV to save himself. It is a 99 percent certainty that Amanda will be voted out of the house, but the house guests will face a double eviction which means someone will follow her right out the door after the live show on Thursday.

Amanda's 'showmance' partner McCrae is the likely person to get the boot. But if you know anything about "Big Brother," you know that McCrae will probably win the next HOH or the veto to save himself. That would bring more drama as we close in on the finale. He won the power of veto this week and saved himself. Gina Marie put Spencer up on the block against Amanda as a pawn.

Frankly, I am really tired of Amanda running around the house crying and begging for votes. She even tried to get Elissa to help her! Isn't that the same woman she tortured over the past few weeks? Yes, it is. Good luck with that Amanda! Say BYE-BYE!