It was quite an exciting night in the "Big Brother" house. As I told you earlier this week, Helen is voted out 4-1.


But the big announcement was made that one of the jury members was coming back into the game. Judd, Jessie, Candace and Helen came bursting through the door ready to compete for another shot at playing. It was the infamous wall competition.

All the contestants stand on a small ridge against a wall as they are sprayed with water and balls come flying at them. The first person to get to 10 catches wins Head of Household. The last jury member standing is back in the game.

I am so obsessed with this game that I have to check the online sites to see what's going on.


Judd wins the competition among the jury members and takes his place back in the house. Elissa easily beat the other contestants to win HOH. Now things will start to get spicy. She is going after Aaryn and Mcranda (McRae and Amanda). Amanda (who has been running the house) has been in bed crying all night.