The "Big Brother" world is abuzz today about the competition this week that let one evicted house guest back in the competition.

We've found this video posted on one of the fan sites from the live feed. Some say it shows Helen getting pushed off of the wall during the HOH competition. Take a look and watch for the hand behind Helen's foot.


Elissa won the Head of Household competition easily. And she is ready to turn the game upside down. Andy has made a 1-week deal with her, but he's pushing her to nominate Gina Marie with Aaryn. That's not going to happen.

Elissa is putting McCrae up against Aaryn (her target this week). Elissa is not having any of this hang-out time in the HOH room. She kicked everyone out of her room saying: "It's 3AM, I have a headache. Could we talk about it tomorrow?" That's so funny because the big house alliance (Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn) is called 3AM!!

After checking out the live feed fan sites, we've learned that Judd won his way back into the house. Amanda is in full panic mode. She's been in control of the house until Thursday and now she's concerned about her future in the house. The only competition Amanda can win at this point is a laying in bed challenge.

Here's how the competition went:


Jessie – FELL
Helen – FELL
Candice – FELL
Judd – FELL (last so he's back in the house)


McCrae – FELL
Andy – FELL
Elissa – caught 10 balls
Amanda – caught 6 balls
GinaMarie – caught 3 balls
Spencer – FELL