I'm hooked on Big Brother and spend lots of time online reading about the live feeds.



Howard gets the boot from the show this week. The only person to support him was Spencer who voted to get rid of Candace. Howard and Candace tried to rally Judd, Jessica and Gina Marie to make a "bold move" and get rid of Amanda, but it didn't happen. The final vote was 7-1. Now Candace will be mad at Spencer because he voted to get her out instead of voting to boot Amanda.


The Head of Household competition was one of those long endurance challenges. The Houseguests have to stand on a large log while it is moving and hold on to a rope. The last one to fall wins HOH. The final 2 standing were Gina Marie and McCrae. Both had been up there for more than an hour. They each wanted the other to step off in exchange for safety, but Gina Marie really wanted to win. She did.


My money is definitely on Candace as one of the nominees. I think she will choose between Spencer and Jessie for the other nominee. This wouldn't be what I would do if I were Gina Marie, though. I would make a huge move and put up Amanda and Helen. Those 2 women are running the game and it would get nasty to have them up against each other. That would break up the powerful alliance among Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa and Andy. For any of the others to have a chance, you have to send one of those guys home.


Big Brother 15 has been full of controversy. Much of it focuses on Aaryn Gries who has made comments that many say are racist. Even the shows host Julie Chen told TMZ she was offended.



If I miss an episode or a one of the "After Dark" shows, I go check out Jokesupdates to get all the details from the live feeds. It is updated around the clock. They will even post about some of the juicy stuff that happens in the house that you will never see on CBS!