“Big Brother,” the hit CBS reality show, is still sparking a lot of controversy, but it doesn't seem to phase the contestants.


Since early July the show’s fifteenth season has been overshadowed by a disturbing and deeply offensive racism and homophobia scandal, primarily involving contestants Aaryn Gries and Gina Marie Zimmerman.

Both of them have made very rude and insulting remarks about African American and gay contestants. Most of the comments have not made it to the network broadcasts. But in this era of instant tweeting and live viewing, the word gets out quickly.

Just last night I watched as Gina Marie Zimmerman referred to Candice Stewart (a black contestant) as a "crack baby."

Candace was adopted and recently reunited with her birth mother. Gina Marie does not yet know that she has already lost her job on the outside world. The same fate faces Gries when she gets back to her real world in Texas.

Even the show’s host, Julie Chen, made a statement over the incidents, telling TMZ, “I was offended by all the comments — the anti-gay, the anti-black, but especially the anti-Asian ones… for obvious reasons. I’m hopeful she’ll change her view of the world.”


This week will be a yawner. With Andy as Head of Household, he will go along with what the gang of four wants and send Jessie home. I wish he would make a big move and try to get Amanda out of the house. But he has a deal with Amanda. Heck, Andy has a deal with everyone. That will be his downfall. He is friends with everyone and tells all of the secrets to each houseguest. He will get caught in that web before we roll into September.

The entire house is currently telling both Jessie and Spencer they’re safe this week, so that will be back to back people who are surprised as they are talking to Julie.