The CBS reality show "Big Brother" is winding down for this season, but expect lots more drama before this ends with a winner.

I keep up with this show like nothing else during the summer. I watch the prime time shows, the After Dark shows on TVGN and check the online sights that send out blow by blow descriptions from the live feeds. I'm seriously hooked. This week, one of my favorites, Helen Kim, the 37 year old political consultant who lives in Chicago. She has told the house she's a housewife. She will be betrayed royally by Andy Herren who is really on team McRanda (McRae and Amanda). Helen was nominated for eviction along with her top ally, Elissa. But Elissa won the power of veto and takes herself off the block. Spencer goes up in her place. But Amanda and McRae want Helen gone. They have Andy on their side and it looks like Gina Marie will also vote Helen out. But I do know that one of the members of the jury will have a chance to get back into the game. I hope it's Helen.