It was a double eviction night on "Big Brother". Lots of drama as Elissa tried to keep Amanda in the game.


She wanted to have 2 big targets in the house so she would not become enemy #1. It didn't work because Andy wouldn't go along with the plan and it was a tie vote. Gina Marie had to break the tie and she had this message for Amanda: "get to steppin". That made me laugh out loud. So Amanda hits the bricks and finds out she was betrayed by Andy and she also found out about the Exterminator alliance (Andy, GM, Spencer and Judd).



With his love interest gone, McCrae had to step it up to avoid leaving right behind her. He did just that. He won the HOH competition and quickly nominated Elissa and Gina Marie. Judd won the power of veto and didn't use it. The house (The Exterminators) voted unanimously to send Elissa off to the jury house.  Andy has McCrae fooled into believing he was the other vote to keep Amanda, but he's lying. We'll see if McCrae catches on eventually.


After the show went off the air, the house guests had the next competition for HOH. It involved a puzzle featuring pictures of several house guests. Spencer won and is thrilled he gets the HOH room complete with a basket of goodies and a letter and photos from home. Spencer will do whatever it takes to get the exterminators to the final 4 so you can bet McCrae will be on the block. If he doesn't win, he will be packing up next week. But there is also a move to have only guys at the end, so Gina Marie could be in jeopardy too. We'll see.