As if LSU Coach Les Miles didn't feel bad enough following his Tigers season opening loss to Wisconsin Saturday, his mood certainly won't be improving if he read any of the (endless) criticism of his and his squad's weekend performance.

Starting at home, from the New Oleans Times-Picayune's

"One LSU fan started a GoFundMe page - which had been shared over 1,700 times since the loss on Facebook and other social media outlets - to buy out Miles' contract. At the time of this post, the account hadn't even raised $200."

But the haters arent't confined to Cajun country. Here's the closer-to-home

"LSU is running the same mix of formations and the same lousy mix of plays out of them. LSU is still completely failing to adequately distribute the football to a set of skill position players most people around the country think is one of the best cohorts in the country. LSU is still trying to run the ball into eight- and nine-man fronts."

And the big boys on the national scene were certainly no less nasty. From

"...this was the exact kind of loss LSU simply couldn't afford to open the season. It wasn't just that the Tigers lost, or that now they'll probably need to go undefeated from here on out to sniff the playoff. It's that all the problems that have plagued the Tigers for years - the ones that nearly cost Miles his job last year - were back and more prevalent than ever."

And even the big daddy of them all, Sports Illustrated, speculated that Miles may not even make it through the season. From

"...not to say that Miles will be fired in the coming hours, but he absolutely needs to get off to a strong start in SEC play; otherwise he may not last long enough to get another chance to beat Nick Saban."

Bluntly put, all the LSU fans who saw the early November match up against Nick Saban's 'Bama boys as the most important game of the season are suddenly wondering if the Tigers can score twenty this weekend against Jacksonville State.