Now I am a college graduate from Texas A&M Commerce. It is in a small town, where nothing happens, so you got to school, take 2 hours and drive to Dallas to do something or get a job and work...I chose to work. I do regret somethings from my college years...I wish I had more fun. But what do other people who graduated from college regret?

A CBS poll came out yesterday and it asked college graduates of many different ages, what they regret most and the findings are quite typical, until you get to the bottom of the list. Take a look:

  • 48% of people say they wish they'd STUDIED more.
  • 40% wish they'd done more NETWORKING.
  • 4% wish they'd HAD MORE SEX
  • 1% wish they'd DONE MORE DRUGS.

That means that 5% regret how little they experimented with sex and drugs. The good part is that one out of 20 of us have put our college experience in the right perspective. It is the 5% that scare me.

But that wasn't the end of the survey, they also asked parents to name something that they didn't want to know that their kids did in school.

  • 25% said "making FAKE IDs"
  • 24% said "set a record for Jell-O shots"
  • 20% said "hosted a sex ed class in their dorm room"
  • 10% said "broke an ankle streaking"
  • 8% said "had a farm animal in their dorm room."

Proving that parents fears are well founded.