Since he was diagnosed with heart trouble in 2009, former President Bill Clinton has been telling everyone he is a vegan. As it turns out, he hasn't been telling the truth.

The ex-Commander-in-Chief, who has repeatedly preached that Americans need to change their diets, supposedly joined daughter Chelsea in her vegan diet about four years ago. But while Clinton pushes veganism to the masses, the former president has been known to stray, especially when he is overseas.

“He had the filet mignon last time he was here, four months ago,” said Javier Blazquez, of the Casa Lucio restaurant in Madrid. “He said doctors tell him not to eat it, but he does anyway.”

In addition, Clinton admitted he eats fish and eggs at least once a week. "I'll have organic salmon or an omelet made with fortified eggs to maintain iron and muscle mass," he said in a recent interview with AARP.

Clinton has, on numerous occasions, urged Americans to eschew meat products, saying that veganism is good for “your own well-being” and “your country," and that the American diet is driving up healthcare costs to "unaffordable levels."