The "Call Me Maybe" singer's first pitch Sunday night at a Tampa Bay Rays home game went astray and pegged a photographer who was trying to capture the moment. She went a little "hog-wild" with her wind-up and toss. Jepsen had decent form, but as she released the ball, it flew off to the left toward the first base line and hit a cameraman who was snapping photos of the big event. The 27-year-old Jepsen got a laugh or two out of her goof-up. She covered her face, laughed and threw her hands in the air. Later, her fans could find a picture of the errant pitch on her Instagram page where she said:

A before and after. Me taking the mound. Me knocking the camera out of the photographers hands with the baseball. And me getting a sympathy hug from the catcher. Omg.

This wasn't her first outing on the mound. Jepsen tossed a strike back in April when she threw the ceremonial first pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game.