I've always heard stories of animals that get lost, then journey hundreds of miles to get home.

But it's hard to know if they are real... Or just stories from a friend of a friend of a cousin of an uncle!

Besides, I know that my two remaining cats and my pug are way too lazy to walk that far!

But then I saw this story today and was amazed...

Apparently Willow the cat was lost near the Rocky Mountains about five years ago.

After the family put up posters and made posts on Craigslist, they had pretty much given up on ever finding their cat.

But, after all this time, the cat was found... In New York!!!

The owners were able to be located with the microchip they had implanted.

They have no idea how the cat wound up across the country or what he's been up to. But he's back home, safe with his family.