Louisiana To Make Going To College Easier For Ex Cons
The movement is called "Banning The Box" taking away the part of the application where it asks if you've been to jail or not. We've all seen it on Job Applications but soon in Louisiana you'll no longer see it on College Applications. The Governor signed the bill last Friday but colleges w…
Summer Ends Sooner than You Think for Local Kids
Before you know it, the school bells will be ringing again.  It's almost time for youngsters to return to the classroom for the new school year.
Here are the dates for local school districts:
August 3-7: New Teacher In-service
August 9-11: Teachers/staff only
August 14: Students report/1st Reportin…
Kennedy Compares Schools to Mayo
Members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee questioned Education Secretary about the budget and her plans to cut education spending.
Louisiana Senator John Kennedy offered a few suggestions and even compared choosing schools to choosing mayonnaise at the grocery store...
Centenary Students Prove Kidneys Can Be Profitable
The headline for this blog probably had you thinking, "Do what?!"  Which is exactly what a trio of Centenary students wanted to accomplish with their recent award-winning video--get you thinking about exactly what it is that kidneys do and how a particular autoimmune synd…

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