Here’s Your Schools Supply List Requirements For 2017
With Bossier Students heading back to school next week and other districts following soon after now is the time you have to go out and get those school supplies! From uniforms to the expensive calculators you have to make sure your child is prepared for their first day at school...
Should Shreveport/ Bossier City Switch To Year Round Schools?
More and More schools across the country are starting to make the switch to year round schools and as someone who grew up in that system I couldn't be happier! So far over 3,000 schools or 10% nationwide are now going to school year round. But there's many misconceptions surrounding year r…
Continuing Ed Classes You Can Take in Shreveport Bossier
Bossier Parish Community College and LSUS always have a long list of continuing education classes for our community.
I love looking at the list and consider taking a class or two. Here are the ones I am most interested in checking out.
Advanced Floral Arrangement is available at BPCC

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