Kevin Hart Is Coming To Shreveport
Tickets are now on sale for Kevin Hart who is coming to Shreveport's Municipal Auditorium! His show will be Saturday October 21st with doors opening at 6pm.
Kevin Hart is one of the biggest comedians in the world right now... Well not in body size...
East Texas Comedy Group Releases The Romper Rodeo Song (Video)
Card 53 Comedy is a comedy group out of Tyler Texas who are known for their live acts but now they're know for something else... Their Rompers! The group aired their new video over the weekend during their Sold Out show at Liberty Hall.
If you've ever seen the Card 53 live you kno…
Whats App-ening: Run Pee App Reviewed
No one wants to miss an important part of the movie, but guzzling down what the movie people call a "medium" drink will have you running to the bathroom. Apparently someone saw this as an opportunity to create something magical, the Run Pee App.

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